Survey (a)

NEON Resource Survey

*Update — the NEON survey results are in! Please visit the announcement in the News section of the NEON website for the results (which may surprise you). One tidbit is about the demographics (a vast majority of respondents were Caucasians with doctoral degrees or with lawyers. I ran down the list of lawyers to see what their specialties were. I have just dealt with a social security disability lawyer who is helping my father with collecting social security disability benefits. If you have never gone through the complicated social security disability application for benefits, let me just say, you really don’t ever want to. The statistics alone makes the whole idea daunting before you even begin. More than 60% of initial social security disability claims are rejected! Of course you can appeal. And that’s where the social security disability lawyer is helping out. He is gathering the correct medical records, reviewing them, and submitting them to the court to expedite my father’s disability hearing appeal. Although I didn’t expect a social security disability attorneys to guarantee my father will be awarded Social Security Disability benefits, I do believe my father will now have the best chance of being successful in his appeal. Getting back to the respondents in the survey, it turns out there were three social security disability lawyers who responded to that particular survey!

A survey to document existing facilities that are available for involvement in NEON activities.
The survey has been designed by the NEON National Design Consortium’s Facilities and Infrastructure Subcommittee (see It is intended to be an initial survey of facilities that might be useful for the Design Consortium to use in its deliberations.

Survey responses are organized by geographic Location and by Facilities at that location. There are three types of facilities: a) field sites, b) analytical labs, and c) collections. Multiple facilities can be associated with a given location. We are also checking out the venders that will supply food, and other housekeeping services such as sampling wholesale toilet paper, and other paper goods. Let’s face it thin rough toilet paper and other low quality paper goods is not the image we want to portray. Therefore quilted two ply soft toilet paper, absorbent paper towels, sturdy paper plates and cups are a must for the facilities. Likewise the vending machines and what they offer will also be considered carefully.

(There is much more information to follow on the following pages. We hope this information is useful to you and comes in handy. Should you wish to contact us we are available through our contact information. We try to respond in a timely fashion to questions or concerns. However, it is not always possible.)