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Because of its work helping to coordinate the activities of regional ecological observatories and presents changes in both time and space, focused mainly on the effects of climate change, land use, and invasive species, COREO/NEON has some interested parties that support their goals.

One such party is a wholesale e-commerce site called They sell many janitorial supplies, as well as products for restaurants, office supplies and furniture, and technology products. CleanItSupplies offer many green, eco friendly janitorial supplies ranging from chemical and fragrance free multifold paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, to soaps and cleansers. It’s great that more stores are recognizing the impact that non eco friedly products can have upon our environment. CleanItSupplies offers an “Elements” brand line of environmentally responsible products that are formulated using bio-based solvents that are safe alternatives to highly-flammable petroleum, hydrocarbon solvents, or corrosive chemicals. They even sell the Clorox Green Works brand that has products with cleaning power derived from effective natural sources, such as a coconut-based cleaning agent, essential lemon oils, corn-based alcohol and biodegradable preservatives. These soaps are Certified by DFE: Design for the Environment, backed by the EPA.

Another such party is the well known sportswear company, The North Face. With their philosophy : “We at The North FaceĀ® love the outdoors. It’s in our DNA, and it defines us as a company. That passion and our desire to share this is the catalyst behind PlanetExplore. Our collective goal is to inspire the next generation of enthusiasts and increase outdoor participation among people of all ages.”, they are a great fit with our goals. The North Face fundamental mission has remained unchanged in the past forty plus years. They are interested in building the best gear for the outdoors, supporting the preservation of wild places, and inspiring a global movement of outdoor exploration. The data collected from NEON observatories which includes comprehensive ecological details from all over the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will help provide insight into the formulation of national strategies to help preserve our precious lands and to inspire and enable people of all ages to become engaged in outside activities, and thus develop the benefits gained through a connection to nature. The North Face company is also socially aware. At the moment they are promoting a North Face breast cancer jacket Pink Ribbon collection. This smart outdoor sportswear collect is designed to publicize and raise money for Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) and other similar organizations. If you aren’t familiar with B4BC, it is a non-profit organization established in 1996 that provides education, prevention and support programs for young people about breast cancer. The North Face Pink Ribbon jacket campaign encourages an active lifestyle which they believe is essential for healthy body and mind. Consequently, their mandate to their apparel designers was to created a number of North Face breast cancer hoodies and jackets to support their rhetoric. Just like the North Face company we feel that these special jackets are a great way to show support not only during the annual breast cancer awareness month of October, but also all year long.

As you know, it is our hope that by gathering this information we will be able to have a real effect of the planet. Our scientists know that by studying the effects we are having on our planet, particularly in the US, we will figure out the best way to move forward. Every year of this ongoing project there have been escalating natural disaster after natural disaster. Not only US scientists, but also international scientists need to figure out what is happening before it is too late to make a difference. We are at the first time in the history of mankind where our species has the control of our own destiny.
The North Face company along with thousands of other companies are sharing a commitment to corporate responsibility by encouraging their employees, customers and partners to engage in a dialogue about the ways everyone can all be more responsible stewards of the natural world and our communities. We at COREO/NEON applaud them.

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