Future III

There are already new ways to take care of waste disposal. We are looking into using the material as a fuel to create power. There are always technological advances in pollution control. We are always passing new laws to help decrease & minimize our carbon foot print. & in addition we are looking to the stars to help support our population. It would be tremendously wise to spread our people out. Not keep all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak… There are planned manned missions to mars in the works. They are having serious discussions about colonization. Imagine the day when we can settle a brand new colony on another planet. Does that not sound amazing?

All of this is not only possible but it is very likely & coming very soon it my opinion. If we, as a people, can survive the next 50 years without blowing ourselves out of existence, we are going to be looking at a whole new era of human development as well as diversification. It is an amazingly exciting time both for the possible destructive ramifications as well as the potentially universe changing possibilities. Anyone who disagrees should reanalyze the available information to come to a reasonable conclusion.

Another amazing recycling project that is worth wild is turning olds junk cars into steel beams to build houses with. You can use the scrap of 6 cars to build 1 residence. That same house could use dozens of trees. Not only does this take the garbage piles out of our dumps it also provides a much safer, more durable, longer lasting product that is not as susceptible to the same pests that wood attracts. It really is much better all around and it creates jobs where there were none. There is not a whole bunch about that not to like. As a matter of fact we could all use a few more ideas that help out in such an amazing way.

I have been around for some time & I hope to be here a while longer. I can’t say that I have never been let down by humanity but I will be the first one to tell you that humanity has helped to lift me up as well. I have many high hopes for mankind as a matter of fact… They are high hopes. The highest of hopes. I feel that we control our own destiny & that the effort as a planet is soon going to be shifting from one of conflict & competition to one of community advancement. This is yet to be seen but one can see how this could happen given the chance.

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