Future II

There are literally corporations as well as individuals who are at the root of all this evil & they do it for the all mighty dollar. They do it nothing more than to make more money than they, or their heirs, could ever spend. If they are not considerate of their actions then they & their heirs may not even get the chance to spend any of this money. The rich do this & they get richer as a reward. The problem is that they are the ones who create the rules & have the funding to manipulate the system. It would take a very serious worldwide effort to try stopping this from happening. There is no way that they will do it on their own. Laws must be written & enforced if we are to have any hope of saving ourselves.

If you take a look at this information alone it paints a dark & gloomy picture. One that does not show a lot of hope for mankind in the future & that is sad. This is only part of the story.

What we have not taken into consideration here is the will of the people as a whole as well as the ingenuity of mankind in general. What I mean to say is that whenever, in the past, a grave injustice has taken place there have always been those who are willing to fight to ensure a favorable outcome for the many rather than the few. There have always been those who would take up the good fight & help to usher in a new era. One that was almost always much more enlightened. The world has been changed time & again by people like this. We can be sure that this type of person is already doing their part to make the changes we really need to save ourselves. In addition there are those of us who exercise our mental through the sciences. They are the ones likely to be able to usher in this new age for us as a people.

We are looking to expand across the galaxy just as we are expanding our minds. In the United States for one some state marriage laws have expanded to include same sex couples. And in the same year marijuana has become legal in some states as well as being recognized as a medical substance. Although many people are aware of the laws and the uses of marijuana, many are not. To help give you a guide line you can learn more from this simple and straight forward marijuana users guide. What else will our societies bring to light in the next years?

We are at a stage of human evolution where we can be saved by the same science & technology that has helped to create the trying situation we are currently facing.

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